"Crulic: The Path to Beyond"
The stunning collages that Anca Damian has put together for her sophomore feature tells the story of the Romanian Claudiu Crulic, who, through someone else's voice, tells the story of his life in a Poland Prison. After being falsely accused of stealing credit cards in Poland, Crulic eventually dies in prison in the midst of a hunger strike. Damian challenges the documentary form and stuns with her cut-out animation in a film that is sure to intrigue ND/NF audiences. [Bryce J. Renninger]

Technically a documentary, this brilliant medley of animation and cutouts, with slivers of live action tossed in, is creative interpretation at its most sublime. Crulic has a distinctly Eastern European dry humor, manifest in the drawings and in the rapid, highly detailed voiceovers (mostly in Romanian, with a few observational points made in English).(...)Telling a tragic true story with almost lighthearted animation techniques is a brilliant choice that pays off. [Howard Feinstein]

Beautiful artwork and a powerful story are the key elements of animated docu "Crulic -- The Path to Beyond," recounting the Kafkaesque history of a Romanian man arrested in Poland and abandoned by everyone until his death following a hunger strike in 2008. [Jay Weisberg]

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